Handmade Colombian Quilling Crafts

Andrea Krach

Random Facts About You?
Love quilling and create with my hands
Love Steak
Love to travel… and I am currently planning a trip to Alaska this summer.
Not fun of cold weather…Love Colombian weather…65 degrees all year around

What got you started crafting?
Looking for a way to relax and ease my mind after work.

What is your source of inspiration?

What have you made recently?
I made an Easter Nativity. This is my latest creation.

The figures are made our of paper using a quilling technique. I learned this technique from my aunt back in Colombia. Each piece is unique and has it own features. I include many details such as flowers, an angel, Roman guards which are my fav, etc

The base of the cave is a styrofoam ball carved to form the shape. My mom help me with the cave. The cave is cover with plaster, and later paint in 3 steps to give the old, antique finish.

I love this piece, is so unique!!

Where do you sell your crafts presently?
I sell on my website, parties, Etsy, Ebay and craft shows

Why are handmade crafts important to you?
Because handmade pieces give you a piece of the owner. You put love, pride and dedication on each piece. Each piece is different. There are not 2 identical, even if you do your best to make them the same.

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