4th May is National Train Day, and was started by Amtrak in 2008 to remind everyone how useful trains are to the general public. If you ask us, trains aren’t just useful, they’re really fun to travel too! There’s something very charming about train travel, which probably explains why trains are so universally loved, especially among boys!

So today, we’ve got together some awesome ideas for a train party theme, with suggestions for decor, cakes, food and more. The best part of having a train party is that you can customize it to any age – from toddlers to teenagers! So let’s start chugging ahead!

1. Set the stage as soon as your little guests arrive by making some Train tracks on the pathway, as shown in Hostess with the Mostess.

2. Greet your guests with a colorful Balloon Wreath, like this one from Chickabug, with a little train in the center so your guests know they’re at the right place!

3. A Photo Wall like this one from Moments that Take is a great way to put up pictures of your child as he has grown through the years. Put one picture in each compartment to stay true to theme!

4. Near the entrance, arrange Train Cart Baskets as done in Radio Butlers. You can fill them up either with refreshments or party favors.

5. No party is complete without a pinata! Check out this bright looking Train Pinata from Celebrate Everyday with Me.

Train Party Cakes

6. This Number Train from Blue I Style is easier than it looks and makes good use of biscuits as tracks!

7. You can make this Chocolate Train Cake from Annie’s Amazing Cakes with just boxed cake mix and an assortment of colorful candy.

8. This is a simple but effective idea; make a Mountain Cake like this one from Catch My Party and set a rail track around it!

9. This Train Cake from I Love Cooking is assembled using various bakery products like loaf cakes, cookies, waffle cones etc., but looks very impressive!

10. Try cupcakes for a change, by setting them out in a row on a rail track, as shown in this Track Train from Blue I Style.

Train Party Food

11. Kids will love this Make your Train idea from Wants and Wishes Design, where they can choose a cookie track, a cake coach and fill it with candy of their choice! Such fun!

12. If you have a train cookie cutter, then you MUST make these cute and easy Train Sandwiches from Hostess with the Mostess!

13. Every track needs stop lights! Try making these Rice Krispie Stop Lights from Catch My Party and prop them up on sticks for effect!

14. How cute are these Tiny Teddy Trains from Kidspot? The kids are more likely to want to play with them than eat!

15. These Railroad Crossings from Hostess with the Mostess are a unique and clever way to make use of basic wafers!

Train Party Games and Activities

16. Get a Photo Booth ready, like this one from The Little Umbrella. You can be assured of some really cute pictures!

17. This is a great idea from Be Beh Blog – give the kids a quiet break by offering Wooden Trains to paint. Bonus – they can take their creations home!

18. If you’re having a summer/outdoor party, put together this Cardboard Train from Apartment Therapy. The kids will have so much fun you won’t need to plan anything else!

19. Get the kids to test their aim by Tossing the Coal – a cute game from Catch My Party.

20. No party is complete without a ‘pinning’ game, and this Pin the Train on the Track game from Project Nursery is perfect for our train theme!

Train Party Return Gifts

21. It’s a train party, so we must have engineer caps and train whistles! Put together a little combo like this Caps and Whistles one from Chickabug, and you can even give it at the start of the party.

22. If you’re trying to keep things simple, a single Play doh tub with a train shaped cutter like this one from Etsy works well.

23. To go the loot bag route, try these Choo Choo Buckets from Loot Man Family Fun. Stuff them with train themed coloring sheets, candy, whistles, bubble solutions and other knick-knacks!

24. If you are a baker or know one, you can get custom made Train Cookies, like these from Kara’s Party Ideas. Pack each one individually, preferably with a custom printable tag.

25. These Candy Trains from We’re Calling Shenanigans are super fun to make and for a change, the kids won’t be in a big hurry to unwrap their candy!

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